Lingerie & Bra Fitting Guide

Quick guide to choosing the right size

Find the products you want to buy.
Find your size (choose the circumference and cup size that is closest to your measurements).
Choose your size and buy the product.

How to measure yourself

Stand up straight and relax the body when you want to measure, using a soft measuring tape, get a second person to help – so it will be more accurate.

Here are the four most important things you should measure when you buy lingerie:

–  Bust size (in cm)
Measure your circumference horizontally around your bust and back, at the point where your bust is greatest (see drawing). Do not measure too tight or too loose.

–  Chest measurement under the bust (in cm)
Then measure your circumference horizontally around your chest (see drawing). It is important that you measure just below the breasts. Make sure the tape measure is tight for this measurement.

–  Waist circumference (in cm)
You should measure your circumference encircling the waist and your lower back. It is important that you measure the narrowest point of your waist. The tape measure should be fairly loose.

–  Hip measurement (in cm)
Measure your circumference encircling the hips and your buttocks. You must measure where your hip and buttocks domination. Again, the tape measure should be quite loose.

How to find a bra that fits 

–  How to find your band size

Once you have your chest measurement it is easy to find your band size. Always remember to select the band size that is closest to your chest measurement. If your chest size example 74 cm, then your bra size 75, If your chest size 78 cm, so choose band size 80.
The right band size is important. It is the piece around the chest to keep your bust in place, so it may not be too loose or too tight. Remember that the center of the bra should sit firmly against you chest. The bra should fit as described fastened on the first hooks of the closer. The elastic of your bra will stretch over time, so you should be able to tighten it.

–  How to find your cup size
Bust measurement minus chest measurement = cup size. It is that simple. Again, remember to select the cup size that is closest to your cup size. If your cup size 14.5 cm, then you should choose a B cup. If your cup size 17.7 cm, then you should choose a D cup.

A = 12 cm
B = 14 cm
C =16 cm
D = 18 cm
E = 20 cm
F = 22 cm
G = 24 cm
H = 26 cm
I = 28 cm
J = 30 cm
K = 32 cm
L = 34 cm
M = 36 cm
N = 38 cm
O = 40 cm

Note that this is just a rough guide, each brand may have different sizing guidelines.